Irwin IP attorneys frequently provide presentations on substantive issues of intellectual property and entertainment law at the behest of clients and for Continuing Legal Education events.  Some of these presentations deemed most responsive to client’s frequent questions are provided below for your convenient reference.


Copyright Law for Photographers 2017

Covers matters such as the taking, publication, licensing, and policing of photographs and other issues frequently implicated in photography such as authorship, privacy rights, and the posting of works on social media.

Will Copyright Survive in the Digital Age?

Discusses subjects of contemporary controversy regarding the purpose and goals of copyright law, the role it plays in the modern entertainment world, and difficult issues such as the liability of content service providers for the acts of their users.

DMCA Safe Harbors

Examines the four safe harbors created by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well as certain landmark cases construing the extent of protection afforded by those safe harbors.

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Artist Management and Studio Agreements

Covers typical types of agreements and contractual provisions encountered by artists in the music industry.

Band Law for Bands

A book written by Barry Irwin and Adam Reis of Irwin IP LLC meant to introduce musicians to the fundamental issues typically faced by bands, including band agreements, copyright ownership and registration, licensing issues, and recording contract negotiations.

Current Issues in Music Law

Analysis of recent cases pertaining to copyright infringement of musical works and sound recordings, including “Happy Birthday To You,” “Blurred Lines,” and “Stairway to Heaven,” as well as cases pertaining to infringement of pre-1972 sound recordings.

Legal Issues in Poetry

October 08, 2017

Covers matters such as the creation, publication, and licensing of poetry and other issues frequently faced by poets such as authorship, privacy rights, and agency/publication agreements.

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Patent Law Update

Covers select developments in patent and trade secret law between 2014 and 2016, including changes to the standard of patentability and patent infringement damages, as well as the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act.

Northern District of Illinois Local Patent Rules

A brief summary of the local patent rules of the Northern District of Illinois (as they read in October of 2014).

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